Code Conquest: Pirate Conquest

Lo-CODER Valley [LV]

Coders from across the seas knew that the 2022 Hackathon was a place to show off their coding skills. To do that, however, they needed a crew. And so, a skillful band of pirates were born. Each one has a unique ability to contribute to the crew. Now that the Upper Elementary Hackathon 2022 is here, LoCODER Valley is here to take over the land and seas of the new territories!

This project was created using Hatch.



Game Info:

Pirate Conquest
Capitals Enabled | Conquest
Created by Dev in Community Code Conquest EDU
~ Official Map ~ NYS Inter-District Hackathon: Upper Elementary Division, May 6th, 2022; Conquer or be conquered. Ingenuity, resilience, zero-quit attitudes are required for a code-driven Pirate Conquest. Creative logic will be necessary, to engineer success, no matter the obstacles!  more  less