Code Conquest: Life On A Chip

Munsey Park Flames [Manhasset]

"Deep down within anyone there's a flame that maybe had gone dormant that can be fanned or ignited in case it had blown out. This is the flame of curiosity, the flame of wonder, of awe, of all the things that make you want to learn something more tomorrow than you knew today." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson and the ManHackSet MP Flames

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Life On A Chip
Capitals Enabled | Conquest
Created by Dev in Community Code Conquest EDU
~ Official Map ~ NYS OYO Inter-District Hackathon: Middle School Division, April 28th, 2023; Conquer or be conquered. Ingenuity, resilience, zero-quit attitudes are required for a code-driven conquest of Life on a Chip. Creative logic will be necessary, to engineer success, no matter the obstacles!  more  less